Filter sleeve cage solutions

The importance of having high-quality filter sleeve cage solutions

Guaranteeing healthy spaces and correct air renewal thanks to high-quality filter sleeve cage solutions is essential in a company with high production waste and dust.

Our company is the main leader in the Italian market, offering and manufacturing filter sleeve cage solutions, aiming to provide high-performance and durable systems.

Thanks to our products, the production department of many companies will have higher breathability and better control of the humidity and temperature of spaces.

Cestelli filtranti bg

Aluminium foundries and steel mills

Our experience enables us to produce excellent filter bag cages for the total filtration of fine dust from metalworking in the air.

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Tailor-made industrial air filtration solutions for flue gas treatment to ensure that air quality is not compromised by dust from various chemical compositions (lime or activated carbon).

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Cementificio settori

Cement plants

Thanks to our filter bag cages, it will be possible to guarantee healthy air and the elimination of dust associated with the grinding of raw materials during the various stages of brick and cement production.

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Cestelli filtranti per impianti chimici e farmaceutici

Pharmaceutical industry

We design ad hoc solutions for pharmaceutical production facilities where volatile chemical compounds (excipients or active ingredients of the drug) from production waste are invisible to the naked eye.

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Industria alimentare

Food industry

We produce air filtration baskets for the food and beverage industry that remove airborne particles and contaminants and ensure that environments meet a high standard of hygiene, as required for food processing.

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Centrali termoelettriche

Thermal power plants

Filter bag cages in thermal power plants are essential to filter the air entering the turbines and ensure the reduction of harmful air emissions from other equipment.

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Impianti di lavorazione legno

Wood processing plants

Air filtration systems for wood processing industries, where dust and chips can remain suspended in the air, can reduce the risk of these components affecting workers’ health.

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Filtrazione industria ceramica

Ceramic production plants

The processing of ceramic materials generates a large amount of fine dust and pollutants that can have a negative impact on workers’ health and the environment, it is therefore essential to provide an air purification system.

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Impianti biomassa

Biomass plants

We develop air filtration cages for biomass plants that are essential for reducing the impact of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

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