Baghouse filter cages for waste incineration

Air purification through filter bag cages for waste incineration.

Air purification through filter bag cages for waste incineration.

Filter bag cages for waste incineration plants are a key element within the air filtration system of these industrial plants, capable of purifying the environments from the particles and contaminants involved.

gabbie filtranti a maniche per l'incenerimento dei rifiuti

The benefits of air purification for waste incineration plants

Emission and waste treatment devices play a key role in the proper operation of the entire waste-to-energy plant.

With industrial air filtration systems composed of filter bag cages for waste incineration, two main advantages can be ensured:

  • Dust abatement, volatile organic compounds, and acid gases in waste-to-energy plants using custom-made bag filters.

  • Sharp odor reduction in waste storage pits serving waste-to-energy plants by adsorption systems (activated carbon).

The solution for reducing emissions from waste-to-energy plants

Environmental impact reduction is a major issue in waste-to-energy plants, an industry that has seen average productivity triple in just two decades, from burning 2.2 million tons of waste in 2000 to 6.3 million tons in 2018.

Thanks to our experience in the incinerator industry, we are able to produce filter cages for waste incineration in keeping up with the needs of the industry, with the goal of ensuring constant performance improvement and assured longevity of the entire air purification system.

What sets us apart

Our company’s success story in the field of filtration began thirty years ago, in 1993, as a family-owned machine shop. Our values have never changed, passion and foresight have always guided our company.

Care of all details

We take meticulous care of every detail, from the design to the production of baskets and accessories, also ensuring the utmost attention to aspects related to the assembly and storage of the finished product.

We value people

Our employees are the basis of our success: the years of experience shared with them are invaluable and have enabled us to achieve the results of excellence that we achieve on a daily basis. We believe in environmental education as the basis for professional and personal growth.

A vast network of collaborations

The supply chain formed by our company offers an important competitive advantage because, even in the case of technical issues such as a machinery stoppage, we have at our disposal specialized technicians who can intervene and solve the problem immediately, without causing a stop to production.

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