We produce filter cages and accessories for industrial filters, guaranteeing fast production times.

We provide technical-structural services for the plant-engineering sector, including design, development and prototyping services.

Workmec is an Italian company operating in the industrial filtration industry.

Company Overview

What we do

Workmec manufacturers filter cages and frames for filter sleeves.
It manufactures the production machines internally, so as to have total control of the production processes.
This control is even more effective thanks to a network of affiliated national and international partners who offer reliability and a short supply chain.

It provides technical-structural consulting services for the plant-engineering sector, including design and development. This added value allows us to provide customers with solutions to meet their every need.

We also manufacture accessories and components such as venturi tubes, nozzles and gaskets.

Why choose Workmec

Workmec is the No. 1 manufacturer of filter cages for industrial filters in Italy, and a leader in cataphoresis treatments.

The trust that our customers place in us is motivated not only by the quality of our products but also by the professionalism that comes from over thirty years of experience.

Choosing Workmec as a partner allows you to have a more efficient production, with reduced lead times thanks to the total control of the production chain.

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Our values

Workmec is committed to forging relationships on a human level, to really get to know the people it collaborates with every day, and to learn how to relate to its colleagues.

Collaborators are fundamental for Workmec’s success: the years of experience shared together are precious, and have enabled us to achieve excellent results and to improve them, day after day.

We believe in environmental education, understood as the ability to establish working relationships as a basis for professional and personal growth.

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