About us


Workmec was founded in 1993 as a family-run machine shop. The initial drive towards the development of the company, supported by an idea and the desire to put itself to the test allowed the small business to engage in new entrepreneurial activities.

Our core business was chosen almost by chance, following a meeting with a supplier who convinced us to make a machine for the production of cages, with the aim of improving the efficiency of the product on the market. This led to a personal challenge: we set to work to create a machine for the production of cages, aimed at making it the best on the market. The use of this machine made it clear that we could produce filter cages that were better than our competitors.

The production process was much more efficient since we were able to manage every aspect of the machine, including the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This was the beginning of our experience as manufacturers of filter cages.

Passion and foresight

The passion is strong and still alive today. Our company is continuously developing thanks to our way of thinking and our vision. We are always projected into the future and constantly looking to improve and perfect every aspect of our work.

Foresight, together with great ambition have led us to become a market leader in Italy and abroad.

These are the driving forces behind Workmec, which year after year enables us to offer high-performance products and excellent services.


Alfredo Bruno


Ottavia Bruno

General Manager


Daniele Corna

Quality Manager

Andrea Pintore

Sales & Security Office

Antonella Ebranati

Sales Development

Gabriella Rotta


Margherita Bollani


Annamaria Casati

Purchase Office

Marco Valsecchi


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