Performance, reliability, longevity

Workmec’s meticulous quality control activity and efficient research and development department allows it to provide innovative products aimed at ensuring constant improvement in the performance and longevity of the final product.

This has allowed it to become a world leader in providing the best customised solutions for the world of industrial filtration, also made possible by the company’s total control of the entire supply chain for each single order. This in turn speeds up delivery of the products as the company’s specialised staff are able to directly intervene in every step of the production process.

products for industrial filters

Filter Cages

A product that seems relatively simple, but that in reality entails years of study of the materials and operating techniques. 

304L 316L 316TI stainless steel, pre-galvanised raw iron, pre-galvanised finishes, pre-brazed or cataphoresis treatment. To achieve excellent results and protect your equipment from heat and corrosion, the quality of production materials is extremely important.

Our filter cages for bottom and top mounting are studied, designed and manufactured to ensure easy and safe installation directly on site and a longer life of the filter bags.

Special models

Our company collaborates with plant-engineering manufacturers and end users to develop innovative products for industrial filters not yet available on the world market

For example, we manufacture special customised models such as:

  • Star-shaped cages
  • Oval-shaped cages
  • Corrugated cages
  • Rectangular cages
  • Special cages according to customer specifications

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