Cages for mounting from below

Filter cages Workmec for mounting from below

These filter cages are developed and manufactured to allow an ideal installation from below the anti-beam frame plate. The tailor-made design favors the best filtering performance of the system and facilitates the operator in the application and disassembly phases of the filter.

Workmec twenty-year experience together with the continuous research for innovative products, have promoted the use of filter cages in many fields of application, such as:

  • Filters for cement
  • Filters for incinerators
  • Filters for aluminum smelters and steel mills
  • Filters for pharmaceuticals

Technical specification:

Raw, Inox (304L/316L/316Ti/321/Duplex ecc. ) / Untreated, pre-galvanized carbon steel, treated Cataphoresis, copper washed, pickled and passivated

From 60 mm up to 180 mm (or on request)

For single piece from 500 mm up to 8000 mm
For split cage, total length without limitations (on request)

From 6 up to 24

From 3.0 mm up to 5.0 mm

From 50 mm up to 300 mm (or on request)

Cut, welded, clamped, folded wires

Filter cage with bayonet collar for fixing to plates with shims 4mm and 8mm

Conic filter cage for bottom fixing to collar

Open collar with inner lip for bottom fixing to collar

Open collar with groove for bottom fixing to collar

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