Our values

Value to people

Forging relationships on a human level, to really get to know the people it collaborates with every day, to learn how to relate to its colleagues.

Our employees are fundamental for our success: the years of experience shared together are precious, and have enabled us to achieve excellent results, and to improve them, day after day. We believe in environmental education as the basis for professional and personal growth.

It is important that the work environment is a place for employees to share their ideas and grow;  we believe it is essential for a stable and strong company to also provide the right working and behavioural values. A fundamental process for creating the right balance in the company ecosystem.

We all grow together, as people, as professionals, as a company. These values have led to the formation of what is now Workmec.

Sostenibilità ambientale

Eco-sustainable supply chain

As an industry leader, we aim to constantly improve our production processes and reduce polluting emissions.

Environmental sustainability is an important element in our development programs. This is also achievable through the cooperation with Customers and Employees.

We care about the ecosystem, and as an active part of the current and future industrial process, we have the task of setting an example as a company, protecting natural principles and the environment as much as possible.

Traceable quality

Through a series of advanced software, WORKMEC manages, develops, monitors and processes all the documental part of the company’s internal processes.

A protocol identification system guarantees the uniqueness and the relative association of each document to the various processes.

The quality control activity starts from the loading of information entered with the customer order and a simple Bar Code guarantees total traceability.

Total supervision of the workflow from the incoming raw material to all production processes, to the outgoing finished product.

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