Design, production and consultancy

The results of years of research: a product as simple in appearance as it is essential.

The anti-collapse frames for filtering sleeves (cages), play a fundamental role in the functioning of these products, and therefore in the design of filtering systems for air, fumes and dust.

Workmec internally manages all the processes connected to the production of these very important components. The equipment, moulds, and assemblies designed by our technicians allow high flexibility in the type of cages produced. The machines that produce the filter cages have been studied, designed, built and are regularly maintained by our technicians in order to optimise the production capacity.

A series of automations makes it possible to elevate the quality of every single part of the products, without affecting the final cost. With its decade-long experience, Workmec is able to offer companies excellent technical-structural consulting services in the plant-engineering sector, including design, prototyping and development services.

Attention to detail

A fundamental aspect of our daily work is the attention to every detail of the supply chain, from the first to the last: the design of the product, design of the production machinery, production of moulds, production of cages and accessories, assembly, storage, up to the optimisation of packaging, made functional for transport on any vehicle – in pursuit of sustainability and respect for the environment – and the transport itself.

We also focus on taking care of the bureaucratic aspects of the relationship with our customers. We use our tax skills and internal business consultants to support customers in all management and bureaucratic problems related to the supply.

We have also stipulated an insurance policy that protects the company in the event of non-payment of services and products, even for large amounts. A form of protection also and above all for customers and suppliers of Workmec.

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