We use a technically advanced treatment system, particularly suitable where high protection from atmospheric agents, alkalis and diluted acids is required.

The treatment of metal surfaces with the cataphoresis gives the products very high protection, making them resistant to corrosion and atmospheric agents.

It is an immersion treatment combined with the application of electrical energy by electro-deposition used in many different production sectors: automotive, commercial and industrial vehicles, tractors, air conditioning, heating, etc.

This special feature allows obtaining anti-corrosive protection of all parts of the product, even those that cannot be reached with a traditional spray system (boxed frames, deep bends, couplings, etc.)

Additional coating cycles

Depending on the specifications requested, the product can be coated with baked enamels of any kind, synthetic or catalysed, epoxy, polyurethane, polyester, or epoxy-polyester powder products.

For further technical and commercial requests, our offices are available to provide detailed information.

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