Pharmaceutical dust collector cages

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical dust collector cages

Pharmaceutical dust collector cages

We design pharmaceutical dust collector cages, where volatile chemical compounds, the result of production waste, are invisible to the naked eye.

We have been in the industrial filtration business for 30 years, producing filter baskets for chemical plants to ensure the best healthiness in the production environments of pharmaceutical companies.

Furthermore, we stand as a trusted partner for the production of sleeve baskets and filter sleeve frames for pharmaceutical companies committed to the ecological transition, which are choosing a business model increasingly oriented toward the pursuit of production efficiency and circularity, also with a view to increasing competitiveness through greater respect for the environment.

Cestelli filtranti per impianti chimici e farmaceutici
cestelli filtranti per impianti chimici

The risks of an unhealthy environment

Chemical and pharmaceutical industries are among the most polluting companies, releasing about 3.3 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year, causing a major problem for the planet’s biodiversity.

Pollutants, harmful microparticles emanating from processed powders and excipients, spread more in poorly ventilated and filtered environments, causing long-term health damage: microbial resistance, endocrine disruption, cytotoxicity, mutagenicity, and teratogenicity.

Chemical plant filter baskets are essential elements within industrial filtration plants that can protect workers, laboratory technicians, and the environment around us.

The way we operate

We manufacture our production machinery in-house, so that we have total control over production processes.

We offer technical and structural consulting services in the plant sector including design and development. An added value that enables us to provide customers with complete solutions.

Filter baskets for chemical and pharmaceutical plants of excellence

All of our filter baskets for chemical and pharmaceutical plants are custom-made to allow ideal installation from above plate of the anti-collapse frame, promoting high performance and facilitating the operator in the application and removal of filters.

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