Filtration solutions for the ceramic industry – Workmec ®


Filtration solutions for the ceramic industry – Workmec ®

Filtrazione industria ceramica - Workmec®

We have been building filtration solutions for the ceramic industry for thirty years.

All the filtration solutions for the ceramic industry are designed to capture and remove suspended waste resulting from the processing and production stages of ceramic or brick components and artefacts, such as splinters, shards, or fine dust.

Filtrazione industria ceramica
gabbie porta maniche per l'industria del legno

Furnaces and dryers:

In these spaces, the dust of ceramics released into the air is extremely high. A purification system helps to reduce the amount of dust suspended in the environment, improving its breathability and healthiness, thus reducing the risk of inhalation by operators.


When applying glazes to ceramics, the finish must be free of impurities that could compromise the product’s final appearance.

Filtration equipment is used to remove unwanted particles from frosts before application.

Tailor-made solutions for every business need

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and offer in-depth technical advice, from the evaluation of requirements, plant size and workspace characteristics so that we can build custom-made filter cages and frames for filter sleeves of excellence.

Customized solutions make it possible to increase purification capacity and handle a larger volume of air without compromising the efficiency of the production process.

Italian leader for baghouse cage construction

Commitment to quality and safety

Ensuring the highest quality and safety in filtration solutions for the ceramic industry has always been our priority, and we do this by using high-performance products and materials that meet the most stringent standards.

Our highly qualified technicians care for installation and maintenance to ensure optimal long-term performance.

We are also ready to provide timely technical assistance and ongoing support to respond to any needs or requests.

We value people

Our employees are the basis of our success: the years of experience shared with them are invaluable and have enabled us to achieve the results of excellence that we perform daily. We believe in environmental education as the basis for professional and personal growth.

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