Dust collector cages for the food industry

Workmec® - Manufacturer of dust collector cages for the food industry

Workmec® - Manufacturer of dust collector cages for the food industry

For over thirty years, Workmec® has been manufacturing dust collector cages for the food industry for cages for top mounting, for mounting from below or special cages.

Food industry filter bag cages are essential for removing dust and other impurities in food and beverage companies: clean air is the most important ingredient for excellent end-product quality.

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The guarantees of Workmec® filter bag cages for the food industry

Bacterial contamination control

Airborne particles, including those of bacteria and fungi, can settle on the surface of food and cause illness in end consumers. With air filtration, the risk of bacterial contamination of food is greatly reduced.

Odour reduction

Food emits odours that may affect the taste of other foods. An air purification system with filter cages for the food industry ensures a reduction in unpleasant odours, ensuring that all products retain their taste and quality.

Machinery protection

A further guarantee concerns the protection of machinery and equipment in the industry from dust and volatile particles. This is essential to ensure that equipment is clean and functions properly, reducing the risk of interruptions to the production process.

Compliance with regulations

The food and beverage industry is subject to strict food safety legislation. An air filtration system helps companies meet the hygiene and safety standards required by the authorities.

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The Workmec® philosophy

Our company’s success story in the production of filter baskets for the food industry began more than 30 years ago, in 1993. Since then, our values have never changed; passion and vision have always guided us.

Quality is central to every stage of our production. We choose the best materials and the best processing techniques to design filter bagcages that guarantee maximum plant efficiency.

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