Workmec support youth entrepreneurship and Made in Italy products

Workmec supports enthusiastic and motivated young people, who are devoted to rediscovering jobs and traditions that characterise Italy, reintroducing on the market those high-quality craft products of which our country is so rich.

The myth of low cost, encouraged by ‘mass consumerism’, has fuelled an unethical approach to purchasing. Workmec wants to reverse this trend, promoting sustainable Made in Italy products, humans and environment-friendly.

History tells us that in the past, Italy set an example of excellence to the world, providing a way out thanks to the Renaissance. It was a period of redeeming craftsmanship, art, scientific culture, and beauty through the ‘passion’ of man who wished to elevate himself from mere basic needs.

We are sure that even today Italy can offer the world an alternative, building an economic model capable of enhancing these areas, focusing on the uniqueness of local peoples and cultures, in order to give more and more value to creating rather than consuming.

For these reasons, and out of our desire to help these young entrepreneurs achieve their dream, we invest by buying only what fully reflects our principles, in the spirit of promoting and bringing together those who decide to appreciate, manufacture and offer top-quality products.

We have decided to support the young entrepreneur in the agri-food sector Luigi Cursio.

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