Filiera industriale corta

The relevance of a short and controlled industrial supply chain

A short supply chain is what makes the difference for companies that wish to face and overcome the tough challenges that the market presents year after year.

The events that have characterised the last two years have highlighted the strategic importance of short and controlled industrial supply chains, especially in the Italian territory, because they are able to limit dependence on imports.

A short industrial supply chain with a few organised and reliable partners makes it possible to better manage all production processes and to add value to the excellence of our filter cages and frames for filter sleeves.

Filiera industriale corta
processi industriali nel settore della filtrazione dell’aria

Short supply chain: an important competitive advantage

The combination of all stages such as design, mold production, packaging, accessory production, assembly, and logistics in a small production loop is essential in industrial processes in the air filtration sector.

Thanks to a carefully supervised and short industrial chain, our company is able to guarantee an all-around service to all customers, starting from the moment their needs are communicated.

Collaboration with local companies has allowed us to reduce transport prices and optimise production speed, thus enabling excellent value for money.

    • ASAP
      Mould production
    • SIB
      Production of accessories
    • MAFI
    • DAFRA

The supply chain of which Workmec is a part offers an important competitive advantage because, even in the event of technical problems such as the stoppage of a machine, we have specialised technicians capable of intervening and resolving the problem immediately, without causing long production stoppages.

The synergy between companies has made it possible to maximise the value of our products on the national and international markets.