SIB Accessories

The experience gained in the use of sheet metal bending and shearing dies in addition to the deformation of pipes of different diameters, allows SIB to be a key partner in the production of components for medium and large batches.

Our machine park includes automatic presses and trances, custom edgebanders and laser cutting for tubulars. Our attention to the optimization of processing and timing, guarantee our customers a high competitive level of production.

SIB is part of the WORKMEC SPA supply chain and like all the other members of this team provides its contribution to this ambitious group of companies that collaborate in synergy, each operating in its own sector. 


SIB Di Massimo Valsecchi & C. S.a.s.
Viale delle Industrie 7 | 20874 Busnago (MB), Italy
T +39 345 3534573