Sinercon is a company of the mechanical sector. A reality that quickly adapts to the needs of the customer and the market, attentive to new techniques and new technologies.

The customer is followed step-by-step, from the idea to the design and to the realization of the product, evaluating the best production, quality and economic choices.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art machine park (machining centers, grinders and cutters) we offer a complete service for the construction and commissioning of equipment.

Among the various machineries, all custom, made within Sinercon, we point out the machines for the automatic welding of both wounded and austenitic metal wires, the special lines for the assembly of small and medium-sized components and the molds for cutting or fold of the metal sheet.

Our dynamism also allows us to produce small and medium batches of milled or turned components according to the customer’s needs.

Sinercon is part of the WORKMEC SPA supply chain, despite having its own supply chain of collaborators that allow us to provide services with a high level of technical competence, effective and targeted for every type of customer. 



Via S. Luigi 53 | 20872 Cornate D'Adda (MB), Italy

T +39 0396060567