Workmec 1993 – 2023: the past is the beginning for a bright future

Thirty years of advanced solutions for industrial air filtration

In 2023, we celebrate Workmec’s 30th anniversary, a challenging and exciting journey in the world of filter cages and frames for filter sleeves manufacturing.

Three decades of commitment, dedication and innovation have shaped the present and set the solid foundations for an even brighter future.

The excellence that characterises us

The constant search for excellence has always been and always will be the company’s compass, enabling it to achieve impeccable results in every area, thanks to a strong awareness of the processes and means at our disposal.

Over the years, the company has adapted to changes, anticipating stakeholders’ needs and offering advanced and reliable solutions. This has allowed it to become a genuine benchmark in the market, standing out for the quality of its products and the trust established in each collaboration.

Challenges undertaken

During its 30 years in business, Workmec has faced many challenges, each of which has been an opportunity for growth and a chance to learn and improve.

Environmental sustainability:

Awareness of the industry’s environmental impact has grown exponentially in recent years, so Workmec has set itself to integrate sustainable practices into its production. 

This has been an incentive to reduce emissions at every stage, from creating the entire range of products and adopting environmentally friendly materials to promoting energy efficiency with ad hoc solutions, such as installing photovoltaic panels.

Adapting to the global market:

The global market is dynamic and changing, with needs varying from region to region, which requires a deep understanding of each space’s cultural diversity and specific needs. 

Workmec has learnt to adapt its products and services to meet global demands, establishing lasting relationships with customers worldwide.

Internationalization of the production and logistics chain:

Over the years, the supply chain has become more complex; essential in this respect is the definition of a strategy of commercial insertion in territories outside Italy, thus enabling the company’s growth on the international territory while maintaining high-quality standards.

The past is
the beginning for a bright future

“Looking to the future today, we see a bright horizon for Workmec. Technology is advancing rapidly, and we are ready to embrace the challenges of tomorrow with the same determination that has distinguished us until now.” – “Innovation will be our guide, and our experience will give us the necessary solidity to face any scenario,” say the company’s founders, Alfredo Bruno and Ottavia Bruno.

“We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our success over the past 30 years, from our employees to the partner companies in our supply chain and, above all, to our loyal customers.” – “Without your support, it would not have been possible to reach this significant milestone,” they continue.

“This 30th anniversary is a celebration of the past and a springboard for what is to come. We are ready to throw ourselves into new adventures, to surpass new goals and to continue to be the partner of choice in the supply of premium air filtration baskets and sleeve cages,” they conclude.