It is not so much our friends’ help that helps us, as the confidence of their help.


Trust is the basis for long-lasting relationships between people, it’s fundamental for moving the world economy and work relations. It’s forbidden to betray the trust of one’s interlocutors: it is a primary element to start collaborative relationships between companies, especially in a period like the current one, characterised by uncertainties and doubts about the future. 

Trust comes from the Latin word fides, recognition of the other’s reliability‘. Being present at the side of customers and partners is essential to ensure lasting work relationships. If providing excellent products is fundamental to earning trust, even more so is ensuring after-sales problem solving. But not only that, because trust is also characterised by various other elements that lead us to trust a partner. 

A company must have an ethical approach to the market and to work, internal protocols focused on respect for the environment, advanced and always up-to-date technologies and techniques, economic solidity and an attractive and consistent image throughout. But first and foremost, to secure the trust of its customers, a company must have a history.  

A history ensures that the company has a wealth of experience to reassure and guarantee that all the aspects mentioned above are never lacking. 

TRUST OUR EXPERIENCE has therefore become our slogan. Workmec is proud of its history, its experiences, and its growth path. 

Thanks to this approach, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers, thus becoming, in almost thirty years of activity, the leading company in Italy in the field of sleeve baskets for industrial filtration. 

We understand the trust of our partners, collaborators and customers, as a real asset of our company, which grows and accumulates as an investment, economically, as well as being consolidated through our daily actions.

It is also safeguarded and protected in the same way as an asset of Guarantee, by the moral integrity of all our employees.