Manufacturing and logistics internationalization according to Workmec®

Manufacturing and logistics internationalization: a successful business strategy

For a company today, in such a totally globalized world, envisioning manufacturing internationalization strategies is essential for continued global growth.

The ability to access new markets through offices located in different regions of the world makes it easier to penetrate the local, adapting to the preferences of consumers in each area, overcoming cultural and language barriers and thus providing solutions tailored to specific needs.

Each state has unique peculiarities, which may include natural resources, specialized labor skills, or specific technologies, enabling the quality of products and services to be improved, contributing to the refinement of production processes.

Workmec locations around the world:

from Turkey, to the UAE via Moldova

Undertaking a strategy of commercial insertion of Workmec® processing in territories outside of Italy has driven the company’s growth, consolidating the internationalization process initiated in the various European quadrants but not only, thus increasing competitiveness at the international level.

The decision to open a detachment in the Turkish territory stems from a careful analysis carried out at the Community Institutions, which in accordance with the group’s business strategies, allow the inclusion of products covered by the Workmec® brand.

Sostenibilità ambientale

A direct investment in order to enter the Mediterranean and Middle East basin, in which the Italian government has signed trade cooperation agreements and will serve to further develop the promotional activity of domestic products and services.

Locations in the UAE and Moldova have also been chosen in order to reach customer interest and gain new market share, covering areas with local production, significantly lowering logistics costs, so as to offer increasingly competitive services.

Each location, a specialization

In the context of manufacturing internationalization, each location located on the international territory takes on a specific specialization that is essential for successful synergistic work in a mosaic of global competencies.

In Turkey, the work is mainly occupied in promoting and marketing Workmec® brand products, acquiring orders and then distributing to the various manufacturing companies in the EU and Non-EU supply chain, based on manufacturing and logistics strategies.

The office in the UAE is closest in similarity to the production and structure of the Italian one, producing sleeve baskets, filter sleeve frames, and air filtration accessories.

In Moldova, a team of 38 employees is structured with a heavy carpentry production line for machines of all kinds and types, in addition to the traditional solutions for which Workmec® is recognized.

Manufacturing internalization as a momentum toward innovation

Manufacturing internationalization is not just a matter of geographic expansion, but represents a strategic commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability. It enables companies to forge a solid international reputation, becoming synonymous with excellence and reliability.

Investing in international manufacturing deployments brings challenges, but also extraordinary opportunities to grow and prosper in an ever-changing economic landscape.