Why choose Workmec® as a supporting cages exporter?

Among the advantages of relying on Workmec® as a supporting cages exporter: reliability, fast delivery and total control of the production chain

Pairing an international supply chain with an Italian one allows Workmec®, an industry leader, to easily play a role as a supporting cages exporter in multiple geographic areas.

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In addition to our Italian headquarters, located in Busnago (MB), our company is also located in other parts of the world:

  • Workmec FZE – in the United Arab Emirates

  • Workmec Turkey – in Istanbul

  • Workmec MLD – in Moldova

Why choose Workmec® as a supporting cages exporter?

  • International supply chain

    An important competitive advantage is the presence of a short and controlled industrial supply chain: design, mold production, packaging, accessory production, assembly and logistics are all steps that are concentrated in a small production circle. This allows Workmec® to have full responsibility and control over production processes. .

  • Fast delivery

    Synergistic cooperation with other companies allows for increased efficiency in the system through reduced transportation prices and quick turnaround times and order management.

  • High quality 

    High product quality is another relevant factor in choosing a manufacturer and exporter of filter cages. Sleeve cages made by Workmec® are the result of years of study of materials and processing techniques: pre-galvanized raw iron, stainless steel 304L 316TI, pre-galvanized, pre-coated or cataphoresis treated finishes guarantee excellent products and results.

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