Continuity in renewal

Deciding to review all aspects of a company’s image in 2022 is an activity that, for a business that is leader in its industry, places it even more at a level of excellence. 

Invest (economic resources) in corporate communication is crucial for any international player, and Workmec knows this well. 

“That is why in the first half of 2022 we have decided to invest (economic resources) in the rebranding of Workmec, a company that has been manufacturing filter cages and frames for filter sleeves for over 30 years” says Ottavia Bruno, manager of the company. 

The first point we developed in this process was the logo. The new Workmec logo is an evolution of the previous one: “We made a choice of renewal within continuity.” – “The colours, the font, the visual part, everything has been renewed, while maintaining the guidelines of the logo-branding ensamble. 

The new website, an essential communication tool for anyone wishing to get in touch with Workmec, will be expanded with new sections and content. 

The choice of renewal is linked to the fact that Workmec is a company that has been seeking constant evolution since 1993, the year it was founded. Since that year, being focused mainly on the aspects related to the product, there have been few renewals concerning purely communicative and image aspects. 

Having achieved a position of leadership both in Italy and internationally, it was necessary to dedicate time and resources to these aspects, which today, at a time when everything is necessarily digital, are of fundamental importance.” concludes the executive. 

Workmec is renewing itself, in its image and in the way it communicates with its public: an important evolutionary step, a proactive rebranding activity consistent with the evolution that has characterised its business and that of its customers over the years. 

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

J. Zeldman 

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