Filtration products and services


The extensive know-how acquired over the years enables the company to offer filtration products and services at 360°.

A leader in the Italian market with its filtration products and services, Workmec®’s goal is to guarantee its customers constant improvement in performance and products on a daily basis.
Filters for mounting from below

Our products:

  • Over- or under-plate baskets: designed for quick and easy installation
  • Special customised and innovative filter cages: star, oval, rectangular, corrugated or to customer design
  • Joints for shorter baskets
  • Bottoms
  • Complementary accessories (internal or external venturi tubes, nozzles, gaskets)

Services in the industrial filtration sector

  • Machinery management

    The total control of the production chain, thanks to the in-house manufacture of machinery for the production of filtration baskets, makes it possible to offer reduced production times and more efficient production. In fact, the plants are custom-designed to offer unlimited flexibility and customisation of each component, meeting all customer requirements.
  • Cataphoresis treatments

    The cataphoresis process on metal surfaces is indicated to obtain protection from external agents and anticorrosion. Through this immersion treatment, even those parts of the product that are difficult to reach with traditional spray systems can be reached. Additional painting cycles, e.g. with baked enamels or epoxy powder products, can also be provided according to customer requirements.
  • Consulting and support

    Thanks to its experience in filtration products and services, Workmec® offers technical and structural consultancy services in the plant sector including design, prototyping and development. Acquired tax expertise and in-house consultants allow us to support customers in dealing with any bureaucratic issues.

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