Baghouse filter cages for metallurgical industry

For thirty years we have been manufacturing excellent baghouse filter cages for state-of-the-art air filtration systems.

Workmec stands as a benchmark for the manufacture of filter sleeve frames and baghouse filter cages for metallurgical industry, which are essential components within the filtration system for fine dust from metal processing in the air.

cestelli porta-manica per l'industria metallurgica

The importance of safe and healthy environments

Metallurgical industries are high-risk work environments due to the significant amount of dust, fumes or oily mists emitted from machinery and production department waste.

With an air filtration system, these types of pollutants can be limited, thus ensuring safe and healthy work environments, and also reducing the risk of health damage, particularly to the respiratory system, of people working in these spaces.

Baghouse filter cages for metallurgical industry

We manufacture custom-made baghouse filter cages adjuvant to the proper operation of the entire air filtration and purification system, facilitating the operator in the application and disassembly of the filter itself.

Why choose Workmec?

Thanks to our team’s deep technological knowledge and versatility, we are able to provide immediate answers.

We deal directly with every aspect related to the production of baghouse filter cages, ensuring that every detail meets high standards and that delivery times are quick.

Through a series of advanced software, we manage, develop, monitor and finally process the entire document part of internal business processes.

A protocol ID identification system ensures the uniqueness and relative association of each document to the various processes.

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