Workmec and INVECO:
a sustainable partnership

Workmec® proudly announces a successful collaboration with INVECO, an Italian company leader in the preparation and operational leasing of photovoltaic systems. 

“In February 2022, our company entrusted to INVECO with the project of installing 200 photovoltaic modules on the entire roof of our Italian headquarters. This allowed us to produce of 220,000 to 180,000 ‘clean’ kW per year,” says Ottavia Bruno, general manager of Workmec®.

The recent collaboration saw Workmec® produce the cable ducts for an important photovoltaic project initiated by INVECO, for the energy optimisation of the Veneto-based company Anodall, which specialises in aluminium processing.

A job in which competence and synergy were the key words, essential in allowing solar energy to be harnessed to produce around 3.3 GWh/year, covering 25% of industrial energy consumption.

A look to the future

“We are proud to have contributed to this project, which not only consolidates our partnership with INVECO, but also reflects one of Workmec’s main founding values: sustainability,” she continues.

“Looking to the future, we are optimistic about further opportunities in the photovoltaic sector. This positive experience confirms our expertise in providing innovative solutions for energy efficiency, paving the way for future ambitious projects in the field of renewable energy,’ she concludes.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable energy future and reflects Workmec’s commitment to promoting an ecological and responsible vision within the industry.

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