How research and development ensures excellent filter cages design

All key elements for the design of filter cages

The design of filter cages and frames for filter sleeves is crucial in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of separation and purification processes.

Research and development play a key role as they allow us to explore new technological horizons, identify up-and-coming market trends, anticipate customer needs, and adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Ricerca e sviluppo

Research and development for the innovation of technologies and processes

Building, designing, and optimising sleeve cages are possible thanks to the important work done by the research and development department.

Three elements are most influenced by the studies carried out: the prototyping process, the choice and construction of state-of-the-art machinery, and quality control.

attività di ricerca e sviluppo

Advanced prototyping process

The prototyping stage is crucial in the design process because it allows prototypes to be developed for in-depth analysis before large-scale production.

Thanks to our supply chain partner Workmec® (ASAP), prototyping processes are customised to our needs in real time.

This helps thoroughly evaluate performance, identify improvements, and finalise designs.

macchinari all'avanguardia


Applying state-of-the-art machinery is essential for the design of high-performance filtration bags to ensure an efficient and accurate production process at all stages. 

A further aspect related to machinery is its production autonomy. This significant advantage allows the equipment to be adapted and optimised according to specific needs, offering almost unlimited customisation of components.

This is also possible in real time and customised to our needs, thanks to our supply chain partner Workmec® (Sinercon)

Controllo qualità

Quality control

Quality control plays a central role in the design process of filtration bags, helping to ensure excellence and conformity to the highest standards.

In a context where research and development work relentlessly to innovate, efficient quality control acts as the ultimate guarantor of product quality.

A research and development programme dedicated to automation

The current industrial landscape increasingly emphasises the importance of automation in production processes.

“Automation today is not only an efficient solution but an imperative to remain competitive.” – “In the field of sleeve cages design, it offers numerous advantages, including reducing production time, increasing precision, and minimising human error,” explains Ottavia Bruno, general manager of Workmec®.

“Our company has recently started a research and development project to implement systems of this kind.” – “The aim is to adopt advanced systems that not only improve the efficiency of production process, but also enable more innovative, customised and future-oriented design,” she concludes.

For industrial companies, embracing this philosophy based on research and development demonstrates a desire for long-term growth, promoting the company within the market as a company dedicated to continuous innovation.