Workmec sponsors ASD Ginnastica Mamoti

We believe in and support the values of sport

Our company is the official sponsor of the ASD Ginnastica Mamoti, a sports association active since 1996, with more than 100 athletes between the ages of four and twenty, 5 International Gym Trophy wins at 5 International Choreographic Gymnastics Championships, and participation in two world events promoted by the Italian Gymnastics Federation.

From 28 July to 6 August, the association’s gymnasts will participate in the World Gymnaestrada in Amsterdam, together with 18 other clubs, they will perform in front of an audience of 20,000 spectators.

Being a sponsor of a sports association is an opportunity for our company to embrace and
promote the core values of sport, such as the ethics of fair play, determination, and the importance of team building, ideals that are also reflected in our corporate culture.

A sponsorship was created to help the growth and success of ASD Mamoti, offering athletes the opportunity to excel and achieve their goals.

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