The importance of welding processes at Workmec

Welding processes play a key role in the manufacture of anti-collapse filter bag cages, which can ensure their maximum performance once they are installed in plants for smoke and dust filtration systems.


Welding is the process by which two joints are physically and chemically joined by fusing them. In particular, the one used by Workmec is referred to as no material addition, which consists of joining two metal parts, bringing them to fusion by passing current.

Some many parameters and characteristics contribute to successful welding:

  • The type of material (carbon steel without coatings, carbon steel with coatings, austenitic steel)
  • The type of welding electrode
  • The welding transformers

Welding is one of the most essential and significant processes in Workmec production.

The management of welding processes

Filter cages do not have minimum requirements set by a product standard; each plant and each customer applies the requirements of its own need.

Essential in this perspective, therefore, is the development of a welding process management system aimed at guaranteeing minimum requirements to ensure the performance of welded joints, thanks to a constant study of welds, collaborations with the Italian Institute of Welding” and the experience gained through years of activity.

Workmec bases its growth policy on investing in human resources, who are constantly trained and updated on the company’s internal and external processes, than by incorporating innovations or creating equipment that improves the efficiency and quality of its products.

This is precisely why Workmec’s production facilities are unique worldwide, designed and manufactured by Workmec’s supply chain partners.

The wire straightening machines, ringing machines, component assembly lines, basket production lines and the research and development department are constantly evolving in search of performance and quality improvements.

A final element that distinguishes Workmec is flexibility; thanks to a chain of companies, it can provide complementary services to produce anti-collapse cages.