Workmec®: filter cages supplier in Europe

A leader in industrial air filtration and in design and manufacture of filter bag cages, Workmec® has been operating as a filter cage supplier in Europe for 30 years.

The continuous search for innovative products and attention to detail are just some of the values that allow our business to be recognized as an excellent filter cage company in Europe.

Our products, designed to be increasingly high-performing and durable over time, help to improve humidity and temperature control within an environment.


Why choose Workmec® as your filter cage supplier in Europe

All stages of the supply chain, starting from product and production machinery design to packaging optimization, are carefully studied and implemented in every detail.
In order to meet the needs of each customer, Workmec® is able to continuously innovate, including offering special tailor-made solutions that allow it to differentiate itself within the landscape of companies in the industry.

Our fields of application

  • Pharmaceutical industry: our company manufactures air extraction and purification cages and ad hoc solutions for pharmaceutical production facilities

  • Cement factories: sleeve baskets, together with their accessories, are able to guarantee the elimination of dust from the grinding of raw materials

  • Incinerators: in these environments, industrial air filtration is essential for the treatment of fumes and human health

  • Aluminum foundries and steel mills: sleeve baskets and cages made from our experience are useful for filtering fine dust from metal processing

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