The role of venturi tubes in filter bag cages

Venturi for filter cages

Workmec manufactures venturi for filter cages. Venturi tubes are a key component in filter cages and frames for filter sleeves that allow all compressed air to be conveyed into the core of the filter.

Why are they so important?

As we said, the venturi tubes are a fundamental part of the filter cages. If they are damaged or highly worn, the compressed air does not obtain the required velocity to effectively clean the filter bags, compromising the entire filtration system. 

The functions of these accessories are first to guide the airflow from the tube to the dust filter bag to prevent the airflow from deflection, and second to facilitate the complete mixing of the expelled air with the secondary air generated by it for the energy to communicate. 

High-quality venturi for filter cages

These accessories are products with high-quality standards made of plastic material, soft iron with treatment, and stainless steel.

Workmec’s filter cage venturi can maximize air outflow velocity by exploiting the same name principle to ensure maximum filter performance in total safety.

The high quality of venturi for filer cages produced by Workmec, made from premium materials, allows them to undergo cataphoresis treatment that enhances their heat and corrosion resistance characteristics.

Why choose Workmec?

Our business has over 25 years of experience in the filtering field. The story of our success began in 1993 as a family-run mechanical workshop.

Our values have never changed: passion and foresight have always guided our company.

Innovation is a major element within our company, which has always allowed us to adapt to change by always offering solutions to all kinds of unforeseen events.

We manage every stage of our work with the utmost ethics and transparency, taking part in every process and constantly updating the customer at all stages.

Our experience, our supply chain, and thanks to the careful selection of raw materials guarantees above-average quality products while maintaining an excellent value for money.

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