Italian leader for wire filter cage design

The elements behind wire filter cage design

We are the leading company for wire filter cage design in the Italian market, products of primary importance in the performance and design of air, flue gas and dust filtering plants.

Materials baghouse cage construction


Materials play a crucial role in creating manufactured goods, as they influence many of the fundamental properties of the final product, such as mechanical strength, durability, corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand thermal stress.

We choose cage materials that ensure robust and durable products, such as raw, inox (304L / 316L / 316Ti / 321 / Duplex, etc. ) and pre-galvanized carbon steel.


Welding processes in baghouse cage construction are essential to Workmec, which can ensure their maximum performance once they are installed in plants for smoke and dust filtration systems.

We developed a welding process management system aimed at guaranteeing requirements to ensure the performance of welded joints, thanks to a constant study of welds, collaborations with the “Italian Institute of Welding”, and the experience gained through years of activity.

Workmec ensures the protection and long preservation of all products made of metal through cataphoresis surface treatment.

A three-step immersion coating:

  • Cleaning and alkaline degreasing – preparation and cleaning of metal artefacts
  • Pretreatment – the first level of anticorrosive protection
  • Cataphoresis – total safety even in places difficult to reach by the traditional spare system

Quality control

For excellent wire filter cages design, the dust collector should be manufactured to strict quality control standards to ensure consistent performance and reliability.

Our high-quality control is based on a set of guidelines and procedures that are put in place to ensure that products and services meet a certain level of quality and performance

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