Installation of dust collector cages

Choosing to rely on a trusted manufacturer for proper installation of dust collector cages

As the first step in the process, it is even more important to choose a reliable company that can easily handle the installation of dust collector cages.

For a proper functioning of the entire air filtration system, it is essential to carry out a proper installation of dust collector cages, which allows for an efficient collection of dust and waste.

Workmec® filter bag cages are designed to ensure simple and safe installation.

Main steps in the installation of filter cages:

  • A good installation involves firstly the use of accessories and safety equipment, such as gloves, safety shoes and protective helmet.
  • Before inserting the lower part of the cage into the hole, it is a good idea to check it for deformations, burrs or damage.
  • With the support of a metal bar, which holds the already inserted cage on the plate, the next part (intermediate or upper) is then attached. Depending on the type of cage, the locking ring of the second part of the basket is positioned and tightened near the junction of the lower part.
  • At this point it must be ensured that the two parts are firmly engaged, including by checking the tightness of the basket. Finally, the bar is removed, holding the filter cage up and then lowering it fully into the hole.

Workmec®: trust our experience

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