Industrial bag cages

The benefits of industrial filter cages for the environment

Our industrial filter cages solutions contribute markedly to the reduction of emissions into the air.

Helping companies achieve better air quality is an imperative of Workmec. 

Workmec produces filter cages used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry, but also in cement factories, foundries and incinerators.

Types of filter cages

Workmec provides industrial filter cages suitable for most bag applications and offers a selection of different cages as needed. Various length and circumference options are available.

We design and manufacture a considerable number of cage types. From classic round cages with 6 to 24 wires, to special star-shaped cages with 8 to 20 wires. The wide range offered by Workmec also includes oval, square and rhomboidal shaped cages with 12 to 16 wires.

Filters and cages

Bag filters are composed of a microperforated fabric, made in the form of cylindrical sleeves, attached to the filter body and supported with the help of metal cages. Filter bags must fit tightly to the cage to prevent wear on the bags themselves, but they must also be flexible enough to be removed for cleaning. The proper fit between bag and cages is an important feature to ensure proper adhesion and long durability.

Without the support of filter cages, the dust removal filter bag cannot complete the air purification process.

How dust filtration works

The cleaning of industrial air through filter bag cages takes place according to several steps: dust-laden air is drawn into the hopper or directly into the filter housing by means of an aerodynamic inlet channel designed to achieve uniform gas distribution.

By passing through, the flow is distributed over the entire surface of the filter elements. After being filtered and cleaned, the air is first conveyed to the filter outlet and then channeled to the stack.

Finish and Accessories

Our company design standard and customized industrial filter cages that can be supplied with venturi, nozzles and gaskets.

The filter cages made by Workmec are available in different materials: aluminium, inox (304L/316L/316Ti/321/Duplex ecc.), raw steel, untreated, pre-galvanized carbon steel, treated Cataphoresis, copper washed or picked and passivated.

Complementary accessories, like external and internal venturi or nozzles and gaskets are produced with plastic material, treated mild steel and stainless steel. Iron-made accessories can be cataphoretic treated.

venturi for filter cages

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