Filter cages and filter cage elements

As a leading industrial filtration company, Workmec® also offers accessories and filter cages elements among its range of products

To ensure maximum efficiency of air filtration processes, complementary accessories and components for filter cages are essential. Indeed, combining them with filter bag cages allows for consistently high performance.

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The benefits of a complete range of offerings

Industrial filtration accessories offered by Workmec® are manufactured to high quality standards, using plastic material, treated soft iron or stainless steel. Among these, products made from ferrous material can be subjected to cataphoresis treatment: as with filter bag frames, this process allows for improved anticorrosive and heat resistance characteristics.

Our filter cages elements:

To complete the offer of filter bag cages, we also produce:

  • Special stainless steel tubes
  • Gaskets
  • Nozzles
  • Venturi tubes (external or internal type): these aim to increase the speed of air escape, maximizing filter performance and safety.

Why choose Workmec® for filter cages and accessories?

Constant research and development and quality control activities, combined with solid values shared internally, enable our company to offer innovative, customized products and efficiency in services.

Total control of the supply chain leads to speedy delivery of products and management of the production process, thanks to the possibility of direct intervention at every stage.
Over 30 years of experience and strong passion enable us to provide customers with complete 360-degree solutions and technical-structural consulting services in the industry.

Custom filter bag cages

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