Dust collector cages for industrial filtration

For thirty years we produce dust collector cages recognised for their quality excellence at an international level.

With a suitable industrial air filtration system and efficient dust collector cages, it is possible to remove all harmful substances in companies where the air quality is likely to be poor.

This filtration system is capable of filtering dust, fumes, odours, industrial fumes of production waste.


Dust collector filter cages

Our filter cages for industrial filtration are made with from the best materials like: 304L 316L 316TI stainless steel, pre-galvanised raw iron, pre-galvanised finishes, pre-brazed or cataphoresis treatment.

Quality allows us to stand out, positioning us in the world market as a player capable of offering customised solutions among the best in the world of industrial filtration.

Our solutions

  • Filter cages for top and below mounting – Developed and manufactured to allow an ideal installation from above the ant-beam frame plate.

  • Filter cages without welding –  We developed some solutions that require no welding, thus ensuring better performance.

Why choose Workmec?

Our company’s success has been consolidated over the years thanks to our ever-growing team of collaborators, capable of transforming abstract ideas into concrete projects, achieving excellence on a national and internationall level.

Our company collaborates with Italian and European companies specialised in many sectors, which are able to support us effectively in our work. 

These partnerships allow us to offer the market high quality filter cages for industrial filters, offering innovative solutions and guaranteeing short production and delivery times.

We care about the environment, which is why as a company we have chosen to embark on a green conversion, making conscious choices that minimise pollutant emissions from our production processes.

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