Custom and standard filter bag cages

Custom and standard filter cages solutions for air purification systems

We provide excellent custom and standard filter bag cages for different fields of application, the result of our expertise in design, materials selection and manufacturing process selection, to ensure constant improvement in the performance and longevity of air filtration systems.

Thank our reliability, quality, and speed will give to our dust collector to ensure maximum efficiency on air purification systems of all sizes and types because they are tailored to your company’s needs.

Custom filter bag cages

Workmec: Custom filter bag cages world leader

The production of dust collectors varies according to the different requirements, which may be morphological or related to the environmental conditions of service and transport or storage of the artefact.

The composition of the gas and the type of filter bags used significantly influence the product design specifications, the choice of surface treatment and raw materials. 

Our company is committed to realizing custom and standard filter bag cages for every need. 

Three reasons why you should choose Workmec:

  • An ethical approach to work

    We believe that adhering to ethical standards can be the most important aspect in every type of stakeholder relationship, essential to create a partnership based on trust.

  • Advanced technologies

    For more than 30 years, innovation and advanced technologies have been at the heart of our business at Workmec. Squarely focused on the future, we strive to develop the best filter bag cages for different industrial branches.

  • Sustainable protocols

    The goal of every modern company is to satisfy the needs of its generation without compromising those of future generations. For this reason, our production follows strict environmental sustainability protocols.

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