Common baghouse cages types

The choice of the right types of baghouse cages must be made optimally to ensure perfect filter operation.

Workmec designs many different baghouse cages types that can be roughly and schematically divided into cages for mounting from below, for top mounting and special products. These products are integrated with a line of accessories.

Each product plays a role or is chosen to serve a specific function within the air purification system in which it will be installed.

The procedures for mounting the frame to the plates, the shape of the cross-section, the solution for connecting the sections and obviously the material selected by the designers and its dimensions generate a wide range of possible combinations, depending on the design requirements which the final filter cage is intended to meet.

These baghouse cages types are developed and manufactured to allow an ideal installation from above and below the anti-beam frame plate.

The tailor-made design favours the best filtering performance of the system and facilitates the operator in the application and disassembly phases of the filter.

Cages for mounting from below

  • The cage can be made of carbon or stainless steel typically (from 304L to 316L, 316Ti, 321, Duplex);
  • The surface can be finished by means of a pre-dip galvanizing, cataphoresis; pre-coppered, pickled and passivated, depending on the applicable specifications;
  • Width of the basket can vary from 60 to 180 mm with a number of longitudinal wires variable between 6 and 24 and wire diameters ranging between 3 and 5 mm;
  • The pitch between the rings transverse varies according to the specifications from 50 to 300 mm;
  • The overall length for the entire frames can vary from 500 to 8000 mm, while there are no restrictions on the overall length reached with frames made with multiple sections.

The frames for top mounting

Differ aesthetically – to a first visual inspection – for the different configuration of the top, designed so as to realize a kind of flange, useful precisely to obtain the desired type of mounting.

The other design features and functional are comparable with the previous frames for mounting from below.

Special cages

The special filter cages differs from the standard ones mainly for the geometry of the cross section (which can assume very different forms), for example with the aim of increasing the lateral surface of the filter, for the same occupied volume.

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