3 reasons why not to reuse filter cages that are damaged

To avoid running into major problems with the passage of time, it is important to carry out proper and constant maintenance and avoid to reuse filter cages that are damaged.

Relying on a top manufacturer of filter cages like Workmec® is good for the proper management of every stage of the filtration of production waste, dust, fumes or industrial fumes. Replacing filter bag cages is a task that must be performed for a system to function properly, as an efficient filtration system improves the air flow within the environment.
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The importance of replacing sleeve cages and not to reuse filter bag cages that are damaged is due to a few reasons, including:

Improvement of air quality

In accordance with their main objective, filter cages improve the quality of the air and the health of individuals by removing harmful substances in it. Replacing filter bag cages at the right time is essential to prevent a deterioration of the air and the environment.

Wear and tear or significant damage

In the event of damage to the cages such as rust or wear and tear on the seals, it is important to rely on a reputable manufacturer to assess whether they should be replaced.

A filter replaced at the right time improves system efficiency

With a dirty or clogged filter, air circulates laboriously within the system. As a result, the system becomes non-functional: it is put under stress, requiring more energy and work and thus also leading to higher energy costs.

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