Advanced metal protection with cataphoretic coating

Advanced metal protection with cataphoretic coating

Cataphoresis coating for long-term preservation of metal alloys

In the wide panorama of surface coating techniques, cataphoresis coating emerges as an innovative and highly effective solution for guaranteeing an anti-corrosion effect on metallic alloys.

Often called cathodic electroplating, it has revolutionised numerous industrial sectors, including producing and constructing filter cages and frames for filter sleeves.

Cestello filtrante trattato con cataforesi
Cataphoresis treatment for baghouse cage construction

What is cataphoresis coating?

Cataphoresis coating is an electrochemical process involving the application of a protective film on a conductive surface using an electric field. This method is based on the principle of electrodeposition, in which ions present in a liquid solution are attracted to a charged electrode and deposited where desired.

An indispensable solution for durable artefacts

This electroplating procedure provides protection against weathering, alkalis and dilute acids for current-conducting metal objects, such as those made of steel and iron.

This means that components processed with a cataphoresis coating can operate in extreme environments without suffering significant damage, keeping their structural and functional properties intact over time.

The corrosion resistance offered by cataphoresis results in a longer life of the products, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement, thus ensuring lower operating costs in the long term.

A three-step immersion coating

Cleaning and alkaline degreasing

All metal artifacts must be fully prepared and cleaned by immersion steps and rinsing with specially prepared alkaline solutions to remove all oily or ferrous residues.


Essential because it prepares the metal object for cataphoresis painting. The phenomenon of activation and phosphating to zinc salts also takes place at this stage, which is useful for providing a first level of protection against various types of corrosion, such as rust for example.

Cos’è il trattamento di cataforesi


We use a technically advanced treatment system that is particularly suitable where high protection is required for manufactured goods, making them resistant to corrosion and weathering.

Cataphoresis for the air filtration industry

Cataphoresis plays a crucial role in protecting filter cages, which must withstand often adverse environmental conditions and the corrosive action of solid particles and aggressive gases.

Filter sleeves, used in industrial air filtration systems, are exposed to a highly corrosive environment due to abrasive dust and chemicals in the air.

Cataphoresis offers an effective solution to protect these critical components, ensuring their superior durability and resistance over time, maintaining their optimal performance even under unfavourable conditions.